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Intro to Hospitality MidTerm Review

Intro to Hospitality MidTerm Review - Intro to Hospitality...

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Intro to Hospitality Mid-Term Review All starred info from notes Symbol of Hospitality Pineapple Also symbol of welcome and friendship “The taste of the roast depends upon the handshake of the host” –Ben Franklin Tourism Comprises of activities of people traveling to and staying in places outside their usual environment Not more than one consecutive year For leisure, business and other purposes A person who stays for more than one night and less than a year (outside of a 30 mile halo) Visitor People who visit a country other than where they reside for not more than one year Excursionist People who travel to a site and return the same day Ages of Tourism 1. Pre-Industrial Revolution Phoenicians were first travelers and traders Romans created the first leisure class to travel for fun Medieval travel was mostly religious travelers 2. Railway Age First railroad in the U.S. built in 1830
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Transcontinental travel by 1869 Made travel enjoyable Amtrack 3. Automobile Travel Production of automobiles began in 1891 Almost 200 million registered automobiles today On your own time Interstate: Dwight Eienshower 4. Air Travel In 1903 the Wright brothers made their first flight The first u.s. scheduled air service was in 1915 Airline Deregulation: Change occurred in 1978 Purpose is to allow a free market of competition (fare structures)
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