Introduction to Computer Science for Business

Introduction to Computer Science for Business - or notebook...

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CGS lecture January 20, 2010 A computer is a digital electronics device that combines hardware and software to accept the input of data, process and store the data, produce some useful output and be able to communicate with other computers Computers are the most important invention for the human race Data is entered through the keys on a keyboard and is all sent to a processor that is the heart of all digital electronic devices Computers process raw data (with the blocks slide) is on the test System software that tells the computer how to function and process data Application software that tell the computer what to do The only language of computers uses the numbers 1 and 0 Smart phones: data is typically synchronized with data on a desktop
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Unformatted text preview: or notebook pc Servers are large computers that power network systems and internet services Provide information to users over a network Usually run all day, everyday File server, e-mail server, print server, web server, every computer can be a server Servers come in several sizes: midrange, mainframe, kiosk, embedded computers or microcontrollers (automatic doors, washing machines, elevators, car systems) Supercomputers Supercomputers are the most powerful computers manufactured They can harness the strength of thousands of processors at once Used to help answer questions through simulation and other processes teamwork and mobility are the norm...
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Introduction to Computer Science for Business - or notebook...

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