abnormal psych exam 3

abnormal psych exam 3 - Schizophrenia- residual type 15:06-...

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Unformatted text preview: Schizophrenia- residual type 15:06- acute schizophrenia comes on suddenly and is crazier highest rate of treatment success with them- chronic schizophrenia is a gradual onset and are flat emotionally (cant connect with them)- love really means can you be in someone elses world without any intentions of trying to conquer it. VITKUS CASE Pg 111- Jerry is the younger of two sons His childhood was unremarkable o There is no such thing as an unremarkable childhood- little things happen and those things make a big difference This is the pitfall of the trauma theory- leaving home is when the onset of schizophrenia has the highest probability. Jerrys symptoms became obvious when he left for college- loving is the most difficult thing that people can ever do pg 113-119 conceptualization and treatment o positive symptoms- hallucinations, delusions o negative symptoms- emotional feeling o decompensation- deterioration of function o 5 types of schizophrenia catatonic- theyre all almost completely unresponsive to their environment. But only outwardly unresponsive. The fact that they are not responding doesnt mean that they dont know what youre saying Know every type of schizophrenia- jerrys treatment was primarily pharmacological. - medication + social skills training + vocational training + semi- independent (supervised, halfway houses) living were the treatments for Jerry. Jerrys prognosis Its poor because treatment is maintenance, not cure PROBLEMS WITH MEDICATION 1. Medication doesnt cure schizophrenia; it only helps control a persons psychotic symptoms.- people with schizophrenia need to know that delusions arent real and arent in control. - 2. failure to comply with medical prescriptions is one of the failures of patients and causes more problems-3. revolving door syndrome- cycle of decompensation and treatment pg 135- therapists must be weary of the condition known as tardih dysconesia 4. relapse- even when the person is taking their drug, if they are placed under significant stress, theres a good probability of relapse. 5. doctors will snow a patient and overmedicate them because they want to bring down the problems right away. - no matter what, pharmacological therapy is still the most famous treatment. - family behavioral treatment- greatly helps schizophrenia and treatment. Combination of medication and sheltered environment are the best. - the sense of medication: creates hopelessness in patients fosters avoidance of responsibility to grow- expressed emotion if your family is high in expressed emotion, theres a lot of hostility,...
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abnormal psych exam 3 - Schizophrenia- residual type 15:06-...

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