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me, myself, and I

me, myself, and I - Me Myself and I Perspectives on the...

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Me, Myself, and I- Perspectives on the Self 1. Who am I? - psychological traits - social identities o master identities gender, race, ethnicity for everybody always visible can always be made relevant regardless of context o situated identities (parent for example) applicable to certain people only not always visible only relevant in certain situations interactional- other people create those identities - The T- Test -Is T-making a trait? - is it a product of the test you took to find out about it? 2. Two Views of the Self - Self as “personality - Self as “constructed through communication - Communication Related
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o Congnitive Complexity o Loquaciousnss- how much you talk o Communication apprehension Some sort of fear of communication o Shyness o Macchiavellianism o Affinity seeking o Self monitoring You are evaluating your own behavior and being self conscious High monitor- someone who is aware of how the environment responds to them Low- ignores how the environment responds to them o Self Reflexiveness -
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