FINAL REVIEW - Roe and dissent, Lopez, Frontiero,...

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Roe and dissent, Lopez, Frontiero, Substantive Due Process; Equal Protection, Constitution: Article 3, 14 th amendment and incorporation, Griswold case - director of planned parenthood in conn - was the defendant in the original case then appealed to the supreme court - claimed that the law in the state of Connecticut violates the provision in the 14 th amendment - right to privacy- implied in 14 th amendment, not explicitly stated - collective public conscience in determining which rights are fundamental - concepts of ordered liberty - key case in getting us to roe v wade case Roe v. wade - at the second trimester, the state has the right to regulate abortion - there needs to be strict scrutiny according to justice stewart The supreme court does not allow itself to be lobbied like the Congress - One way to lobby the supreme court is through academic writing - Through an amicus curiae- friend of the court. These briefs are from people or organizations who are not directly part of the case - The next brief will be on the merits of the case - “on the merits” Rumsfeld v. Hamdi
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Rumsfeld v. Hamdan - both of these have to do with presedential - decision was made to transfer them to Guantanamo Bay - Rumsfeld (sec. of defense) claimed that detention of army combatants is allowed and that U.S gained valuable info through this detention -
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FINAL REVIEW - Roe and dissent, Lopez, Frontiero,...

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