Gaines case - only reason he was denied from the school was...

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Gaines case Facts 1. graduate from Lincoln university- an all black university legally segregated 2. applied to the university of Missouri but was denied due to his race. This was stated in the court that this is why he was turned down. 3. He was offered to have his tuition paid for by Missouri 4. He asks for a writ of mandamus 5. He lost in both circuit and state supreme court and it was shown that the
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Unformatted text preview: only reason he was denied from the school was due to his race Issue Does a state that operated a law school exclusively for whites but provides no equal instutition of law school for blacks according to the -1938-gaines was a black graduate of the Lincoln university of Missouri where there was legal segregation-lincoln did- he lost in both circuit court and state supreme court...
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