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Unformatted text preview: Interpersonal Interpersonal Communication: Building Relationships Chapter 2 What is interpersonal What is interpersonal communication? Situational vs. Developmental Situational Dyads Intrapersonal, interpersonal, group, organizational, public, mass Developmental Not necessarily dyads (‘intimate knowledge’) 3 levels of information: cultural, sociological, psychological Interpersonal Communication is… Interpersonal Communication is… Referring to dyadic communication in which two individuals, sharing the roles of sender and receiver, become connected through the mutual activity of creating meaning Relationships Relationships What is a relationship? Constellation of behaviors Cognitive constructs Mini cultures Collection of contradictory forces Why are relationships Why are relationships important? Physical Health Love and belonging http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=fLrBrk9DXVk Characteristics of Relationships Characteristics of Relationships Begin with awareness Develop through coordinated interaction Are analyzed and evaluated Are influenced by outside forces Cultural norms and media models Involvement of family and friends Economic and environmental conditions Characteristics of Relationships, Characteristics of Relationships, cont. Can control us as much as we control them Are constructed and maintained through communication Interpersonal Profiles Interpersonal Profiles Private relationships Public relationships Irreplaceable, interdependent, particular, individualistic, sentimental, intrinsic rewards Substitutable, autonomous, universal, normative, practical, extrinsic rewards Relational model Many variations are possible Fluctuation and change occur Distinct skills and sensitivities needed for distinct relationships Relational profiles are negotiated over time Communication Competence of Communication Competence of Relationships Relationshipping: the process of building healthy relationships Interpretive competence Goal competence Role competence Self competence Message competence Characteristics of Healthy Characteristics of Healthy Relationships Shared vision of where the relationship is and where it’s going Clear, mutually negotiated rules that work to benefit relationship itself Shared work ethic Metacommunication valued ...
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