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paper2 info - The purpose of the study was to create a...

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The purpose of the study was to create a study between behaviors between Japanese and U.S participants. The typology they found was 3 factors- avoiding, integrating, dominating face work. If someone threatesn your face, you can react in 3 ways. If you were to dominate, you would be aggressive and try to make yourself look good and worry about your face and not others. Next is integrating, where you apologize and try to protect both faces. The last one is avoiding conflict. Face negotiation theory. When people are unsure, face is a big problem. The cultural variability that’s mentioned individualism, collectivism, in conjunction with other individuals, relational and situational variables influenced the use of various face work and conflict strategies in intergroup and interpersonal encounters. Self disclosure is more frequent between college students than with students with their parents. Negative things such as fear of failure are more likely to be self-disclosed. Dating partners have the most disclosure, same sex friends are second, and fathers are last. Lowest frequency disclosure is between students and fathers. Extroverts, Psychoticism, neuroticism, and one more are big three personality structures. Non-neurotic extroverts are shy. Reciprocity theory is people tend to reciprocate negative and positive things. Sociocommunicative orientation and sociocommuniacative style (theories of reciprocity and speech acommadtion theory) will be able to predict the
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paper2 info - The purpose of the study was to create a...

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