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Introduction to Logic Syllabus 01:730:201:06 Spring 2011 Instructor: Jon Winterbottom Location: Room 20, Loree Hall, Douglass Campus. Time: Monday and Wednesday, 2:15-3:35pm. Office Hours: Monday, 10am-12pm, Philosophy Department Library, 1 Seminary Place, College Ave. Textbook : Symbolic Logic, A First Course, Third Edition , McGraw-Hill, 1999. The second edition is available for free online and may be downloaded and/or printed. You may use either version (the online or paper copy). Some paper copies will be available at a Rutgers bookstore. The online version is available at: http://courses.umass.edu/phil110-gmh/text.htm Course Description: This is a slightly technical course requiring some basic reasoning skills but is quite straightforward so long as you keep up with the material and make an effort to do the homework. You will be introduced to sentential and predicate logic, and the focus will be on doing derivations (logical proofs) and translations (translating simple English sentences into their logical equivalents in sentential or predicate logic). To get a better idea of what is involved I suggest you browse through the
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