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Photography - Art 100 Instructor Grambo Photography Nov 16...

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Art 100 Instructor: Grambo Photography Nov. 16, 2010 I. Photography A. Photography: from the Greek, “light writing;” some science, some art Eyeball Physics Camera Physics B. Film 3 (basic) layers: two outer protective layers and light-sensitive emulsion Example: Ansel Adams C. Camera Obscura: translates literally to “dark chamber;” invented 969 CE; used by artists as a tool for studying the effects of light and for composing paintings Artwork: Jan Vermeer, Young Woman with a Water Jug , 1665 D. Camera Lucida: can be translated to “light room;” replaces enclosed chamber Artwork: William Henry Fox Talbot, Villa Melzi , 1833 E. Daguerreotype: photosensitive material is used to treat a thin sheet of metal; permanent Image is achieved Artwork: Jaques-Louis Daugerre, Still Life in Studio , 1837 Artwork: Josiah Johnson Hawes and Albert Sands Southworth, Early Operation Under Ether , 1847 Artwork: Rembrandt Van Rinj, Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp , 1632 Artwork: Josiah Johnson Hawes and Albert Sands Southworth,
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