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slam extra credit - Alex Hatter All three of his poems were...

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Nicholas Gomez November 2, 2010 Isaac Grambo Art 100-003 Extra Credit: Poetry Slam Review This was my first time attending the Slam of Steel poetry slam and I can honestly say that it blew me away. I loved it. It definitely wasn’t what I would have expected. It wasn’t necessarily a serious atmosphere; it was definitely a fun and exciting atmosphere. The poems were amazing; I definitely have an interest in poetry and the way the contestants performed and the quality of their poems and how from the heart they were impressed me greatly. I enjoyed all of the poems and poets but I feel the ones that stood out to me were Devin’s style of poetry, both of Brenda’s poems about what words can do to someone and also about looks and wanting to be ugly and not caring about what the “pretty” people think, but I think that my favorite out of everyone was
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Unformatted text preview: Alex Hatter. All three of his poems were good and the haiku definitely gave me a good laugh. I think I liked his first poem the most about the unborn daughter that he secretly named Lily. That was probably my favorite poem out of all of them but then Rob took the mic. Now he was hilarious and I really liked his material and I’m glad that he was the special guest. I won’t lie I went to the slam to maybe score a few points of extra credit but I also wanted to see what it was all about too and that’s exactly what I did. The whole extra credit portion is completely off my mind now. I think that I’ll be going for the rest of the school year, I loved it that much and really enjoyed it, and I can’t wait till the next one....
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