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Nick Gomez Reba Bailey English 102-074 1/21/11 Acquiring the Inquiry Habit Reading Response The introduction to this reading immediately opened my eyes to inquiry and what I need to do while writing research papers. I have always been one to write from the heart and express how I feel about a subject usually right off the bat, but I never seem to ask myself too many questions about the subject at hand. I feel this paper completely related to me in a sense that this is exactly what I need to do. I need to “begin with questions rather than answers” (Pg. 1). I only explore a subject so much; I don’t get deep into it and pick it apart. I mainly just pick out the obvious and go from there. The idea of becoming more curious about a subject seems to make such a simple subject completely expand into something possibly huge. If I become more curious
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Unformatted text preview: I can only imagine what I could do to a bigger subject. Getting straight to the answer or thesis is great with some writing but leaves me only so much room to expand. Beginning my writing with observations and information based off of questions I have (which can be a spot to voice my opinion) leaves me with so much more when it comes to getting to the facts, and who knows, my first opinion on the subject could completely change. I feel as if the reading is telling me to take the time to learn about the subject, discover new things I didnt know before and eventually come up with an answer thats not so obvious and more true to everything I have learned while looking deeper into the subject itself. I feel now that I have to suspend my own judgments and finally just learn....
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