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FINAL PORTFOLIO annotated bibliography

FINAL PORTFOLIO annotated bibliography - Gomez1 Nicholas...

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Gomez1 Nicholas Gomez Reba Bailey English 102-074 6 May 2011 Final Portfolio Annotated Bibliography Distracted Driving Prevention Act of 2009: Report of the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation on S. 1938 . Washington: U.S. G.P.O, 2010. Web. This source that I found was actually produced by members of Congress who wish to set up some type of program to reduce the injuries and deaths caused by distracted driving. That explanation sums the source up in one sentence but there were many other discussions, opinions, studies, and statistics that were included within the source as well. The destruction distracted driving does to our people in a sense that so many are harmed and affected by it was also a topic of discussion that was expressed too, specifically in the background section of the source, in which it talked about distracted driving history as a whole. This background section on distracted driving gave me a lot of facts and statistics that I ended up using in my paper. Specifically, I used the example where a study showed about how long one takes their eyes off of the road when texting and driving, as well as an example of approximately how far one would travel in that amount of time while going 55 miles per hour. The background information was my main source of information that I pulled for my own paper. My paper is on distracted driving and how we as a country are not really educated on it as much as we should be. So the goal for my paper was to provide a mixture of facts, personal opinion, and personal experience to educate my audience on the subject. This source of information relates to my own paper because it has a specific place for background information on distracted driving which includes many critical statistics and
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Gomez2 facts that can be used for my paper. This paper had copious amounts of information and covered many different aspects of distracted driving and really showed what exactly is being done to reduce and prevent it from occurring completely. Looking over this source I would definitely have to say that that was the key strength of the paper overall. A weakness of this paper would have to be the length as well. It was very long which made me lose interest at times but it didn’t affect my attention to the information too much. Also I think another weakness of this source is that it isn’t really produced to inform the public. It is just another one of those sources that you really have to dig for if you want to get the information from it. Faces of Distracted Driving: Alex Brown, 17. U.S. Department of Transportation. YouTube. Web. 28 January 2011. This video was about the story of a 17 year old girl by the name of Alex Brown, who tragically died in a car accident on her way to school. Unfortunately, the cause of this car accident was indeed texting and driving. Alex’s parents and younger sister told her story despite their tragedy. She was a young and vibrant girl who worked hard, abided by the rules and was on her way to a successful college career. The future was bright for Alex but one little mistake took it all away. Her family discussed that she
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