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group reflection final portfolio

group reflection final portfolio - Nick Gomez Brittnee...

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Nick Gomez Brittnee Fromm Nick Gomez Tyler Scoggins Eng.102-074 Reba Bailey 18 April 2011 Group Reflective Essay Dear John: I would have to say that English 102 is a class that should not be taken lightly. The first unit is about writing an annotated bibliography for a research paper that you will do in the second unit. You have to find a lot of research and technical writing. I still do not understand why we did some of the assignments we did because they did not help me at all. But luckily the professor had days where she would put up a prompt and we would write throughout the entire class period and have all or at least most of the assignment done by the time class was out. Although there were days that I felt were insufficient in English 102, my experience in 102 was good because I had good friends in class that I could talk too. My professor was really nice and I felt like I could talk to her about anything if I needed too. Luckily, my class was really small this semester so we were able to get a lot done and have a good time. It was funny because in unit two we would have peer review days every Friday and only half the class would show up so we would end up getting extra credit; so definitely don’t miss these days. In the second unit it feels like you really don’t get anything done because the work seems to go by slow. Every week you have to have two new pages of your essay with two new sources. In my opinion, this can be the best and worst way to write an extremely long research paper. It’s good because you don’t have to rush your writing and you can take your time, but if you wait until the last minute to do everything, the writing will be much more difficult. So don’t
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Nick Gomez procrastinate on anything. When we would have peer review days on Friday sometimes I found that I was always up late on Thursday doing my paper and finding sources. To me procrastinating made me realize that these rough drafts were not always my best pieces of writing and that I really needed to put in the time and effort if I wanted the best results. I feel as though my favorite and best pieces of writing were my reflective essays for each unit as well as my research paper for Unit Two. These pieces of writing may have not been the best quality at times, but I rather enjoyed them and had fun with them more than anything. I always enjoy writing reflective essays because I don’t really have any guidelines to follow; it’s just me and my own thoughts on the unit and what I feel that I have learned. Both reflective essays captured my strong suite in writing which is my voice. I usually write my best when it comes to emotion, personal experience, and my own opinion. Our first reflective essay really showed my learning process I believe, because conducting research for any type of paper is a completely different world for me and is definitely something that I wasn’t, and still am not quite used to. Unit One broke down our research process and I was able to show and use what I
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group reflection final portfolio - Nick Gomez Brittnee...

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