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Gomez1 Nicholas Gomez Reba Bailey English 102-074 23 February 2010 Reflective Essay The process in which I went through when first determining my research project was through our brainstorming in class (the tournament of interests). I, however, did have a general idea of what I wanted to do before I even started the brainstorm. The decision to choose distracted driving was a very personal one for me I believe. My sister had gotten into an accident and passed away due to a different, and less looked upon form of distracted driving. I really wanted to know what society is doing to reduce and ultimately prevent distracted driving from happening. Not only this, but I wanted to focus on the effects of distracted driving and wanted in a way to give awareness to those who don’t necessarily think about the dangers of it. More than anything though, I just really wanted to see what the facts said about distracted driving because I have driven distracted before, whether it was texting and driving or talking on the phone and driving or anything else, I did it and never thought about what could possibly happen to me. I always thought just what everyone else thought; I won’t get into an accident. The awareness and
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reflective essay - Gomez1 Nicholas Gomez Reba Bailey...

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