syllabus - Bailey English 102 1 Reba Bailey Spring 2011...

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Unformatted text preview: Bailey English 102 1 Reba Bailey Spring 2011 ENGL 102 Section 074 Class Location: LA Room 206 Email: Class times: MWF 8:40-9:30 Office: OIT Room 117 Office H Office hours: MW 12:30-2:00 English 102: College Writing and Research Course Overview: Welcome to English 102; College Writing and Research. I look forward to getting to know you and to growing along with you as we explore and expand our writing skills using inquiry-based writing processes. This class continues where English 101 left off: we will be expanding our skills in critical reading of various genres of research based essays in addition to working with writing processes that require analysis of various genres of research writing. We will be analyzing the writing processes of the authors by assessing the qualities and conventions of good research writing; the use of inquiry, source material, exploring multiple and conflicting perspectives. We will look at research based essays in terms of a continuing conversation about a subject within a discourse community , analyzing the language of that community, and how the author uses the language of that community to expand or challenge the knowledge of that community. Then you will take from this learning experience and initiate your own inquiry-based research project. You will gather information from a range of sources, write extensively, revise extensively, and craft your own research essay. This semester, I hope well all: Use writing to think through ideas; to explore new and familiar concepts; to reflect on experiences and the ideas of others; to analyze and synthesize what you know; and to discover new things; Explore the interplay among a writers purpose, context, choices of genre and organization, and source material in light of particular discourse community. Be able to reflect on and articulate those writerly, rhetorical choices authors make, including ourselves. Gain confidence with the inquiry-based habits of mind expected in college work, including working with source material, citational conventions and conventions of a discourse community. The BSU First-Year Writing Programs competencies for ENGL 102: Students will be able to: Understand academic work as a recursive process of inquiry, using writing and research to form new questions and pursue existing enduring questions; Craft questions that guide research, making their process manageable and likely to yield 1 Bailey English 102 2 insights; Find, read, evaluate, analyze, and synthesize appropriate sources; Integrate evidence in their own writing in a way that complicates (develops, refines, extends,...
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This note was uploaded on 09/05/2011 for the course ENGLISH 102 taught by Professor Bailey during the Spring '11 term at Boise State.

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syllabus - Bailey English 102 1 Reba Bailey Spring 2011...

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