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Nicholas Gomez Reba Bailey English 102-074 9 February 2011 Annotated Bibliography on 3 Articles of Distracted Driving (Cont.) Gabel, Terrance G, and Nicholas Schandler. "An Exploratory Examination of Distracted Driving As Consumption." Advances in Consumer Research . 29.1 (2002). Print. The aim of this article was to observe and get a deeper look into distracted driving as a whole. In this article distracted driving seems to be a consumption, a consumption that the majority of the drivers take part in. In most articles or even in most areas of the study of distracted driving they are limited to the use of cell phones and hand held devices. However, this article expands to other areas of distraction such as messing with the radio, talking to passengers, eating, or even reading. Yes, it seems as if much of this article is directed at the usage of hand held devices such as cell phones but it also lets the reader know that there is much more to it than that. Interviews and other types of data collections show many statistics regarding distracted driving, all distracted driving. Another idea that many of this research does is that it attempts to connect everything found with the DDB or distracted driving behavior, which seems to play a big role in this article. This article pretty much just relates to my research topic through the many effects and actions taken while driving with distractions. Not much about the policies or laws created is covered. Just as I said
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unit 1annotated bib2 - Nicholas Gomez Reba Bailey English...

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