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unit 2 reflective essay - Gomez 1 Nicholas Gomez Reba...

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Gomez 1 Nicholas Gomez Reba Bailey English 101-074 18 April 2011 Unit Two Reflective Essay I unfortunately haven’t really written a research paper before aside from my ethnographic research paper that we did first semester. However, I feel that my writing process was very similar in a sense that I was winging it a bit. My research writing has been more of an experiment and a test for me than anything. I got many articles with a lot of different data and information and tried to create a paper by mixing that very information with my own voice, which is usually very powerful and based on emotions in my writing. I found that when researching my topic I already had a lot of the information due to our first unit. Many of the articles I found for my Unit One paper I ended up using in my research paper. What I really tried to do was get many different aspects of distracted driving and each of my articles did that. Whether it was finding support groups against distracted driving, the emotional and psychological aspect of it, the laws against it, and also the impairments experienced while driving distracted. Each of these articles were found through the library website and have all
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unit 2 reflective essay - Gomez 1 Nicholas Gomez Reba...

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