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unit one annotated bibliography

unit one annotated bibliography - Gomez1 Nicholas Gomez...

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Gomez1 Nicholas Gomez Reba Bailey English 102-074 14 February 2011 Unit One Annotated Bibliography Faces of Distracted Driving: Alex Brown, 17. U.S. Department of Transportation. YouTube. Web. 28 January 2011. This video was about the story of a 17 year old girl by the name of Alex Brown, who tragically died in a car accident on her way to school. Unfortunately, the cause of this car accident was indeed texting and driving. Alex’s parents and younger sister told her story despite their tragedy. She was a young and vibrant girl who worked hard, abided by the rules and was on her way to a successful college career. The future was bright for Alex but one little mistake took it all away. Her family discussed that she just couldn’t seem to stop texting while driving and was warned numerous times but she seemed to feel that nothing would happen to her and it was always just the people on the news and she was different. Well she wasn’t. The reality of this video is that accidents that lead to injury or death due to distracted driving aren’t just of the “people on the news” so to speak, they include everyone at one time or another. If nothing has happened to you yet, well consider yourself lucky, but that time will come when you look down at your phone at the wrong time or over correct your car or whatever it may be; accidents do happen. That is exactly what I got out of this video. The fact that her loved ones had to tell her story was enough for me to change my mind about distracted driving. I saw their happiness when talking about the good things about her, as well as the emptiness in their eyes when discussing the accident absolutely kills me inside, especially since I know that exact feeling. This video shows the very effects that an accident of this nature (due to
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Gomez2 distracted driving) can have on one’s family. It, however, isn’t necessarily considered to be “the facts” but it really is. The loss of a loved one due to something as little and as simple as distracted driving can really make one think of how big of a problem it truly is. So while watching this video that is what I am considering to be the so-called weakness of this source, however it is also considered one of its strengths in my eyes. The ability to see the emotional aspect of distracted driving tells so much about the situation. Her family was sincere. They weren’t reading any teleprompter, they were speaking from the heart and showing their true emotions and that’s exactly what I wanted out of this source. Gabel, Terrance G, and Nicholas Schandler. "An Exploratory Examination of Distracted Driving As Consumption." Advances in Consumer Research . 29.1 (2002). Print. The aim of this article was to observe and get a deeper look into distracted driving as a whole. In this article distracted driving seems to be a consumption, a consumption that the majority of the drivers take part in. In most articles or even in most areas of the study of distracted driving they are limited to the use of cell phones and hand held devices. However, this
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unit one annotated bibliography - Gomez1 Nicholas Gomez...

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