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chapter 3 vocab - Chapter 3 adjudication The process of...

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Chapter 3 adjudication The process of determining whether the defendant is guilty or not guilty. arrest The physical taking of a person into custody on the grounds that probable cause exists to believe that he or she has committed a criminal offense. Police may use only reasonable physical force in making an arrest. The purpose of the arrest is to hold the accused for a court proceeding. discretion The authority to make decisions without reference to specific rules or facts, using instead one’s own judgment; allows for individualization and informality in the administration of justice. discrimination Differential treatment of individuals or groups based on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or economic status, instead of on their behavior or qualifications. disparity The unequal treatment of one group by the criminal justice system, compared with treatment accorded other groups. dual court system A system consisting of a separate judicial structure for each state in addition to a national structure. Each case is tried in a court of the same jurisdiction as that of the law or laws broken.
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