Chapter 4 vocab

Chapter 4 vocab - Chapter 4 Barron v Baltimore The...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 4 Barron v. Baltimore The protections of the Bill of Rights apply only to actions of the federal government. Gideon v. Wainwright Indigent defendants have a right to counsel when charged with serious crimes for which they could face six months or more incarceration. mens rea “Guilty mind” or blameworthy state of mind, necessary for legal responsibility for a criminal offense; criminal intent, as distinguished from innocent intent. Powell v. Alabama An attorney must be provided to a poor defendant facing the death penalty. administrative regulations Rules made by government agencies to implement specific public policies in areas such as public health, environmental protection, and workplace safety. case law Court decisions that have the status of law and serve as precedents for later decisions. civil forfeiture The confiscation of property by the state because it was used in or acquired through a crime. In recent years the police have used civil forfeiture to seize property that they believe was crime....
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Chapter 4 vocab - Chapter 4 Barron v Baltimore The...

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