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Model for Reaction Paper

Model for Reaction Paper - race and effective legal...

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Model for Reaction Paper Introduction Statement of the Problem First, create a thesis statement that informs the reader about the scope of the problem(s) you will be writing about. What is justice? Humans have struggled with this concept for thousands of years. While we can explore this issue from a number of perspectives, Picking Cotton provides an excellent vehicle for thinking about how the criminal justice system functions, or in this case fails to function when wrongful convictions occur, effective legal representation, and race. I shall address these issues in the sections that follow while trying to understand the meaning of justice can justice be achieved when the criminal justice system is so seriously flawed? Body In this section, you should organize your thoughts and write about the three main ideas of your paper. In this instance, I would write about how issues like wrongful conviction,
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Unformatted text preview: race, and effective legal representation impact confidence in the criminal justice system. Summary and Conclusion Please keep in mind that this section has two parts – the summary and the conclusion(s) . I would summarize my thoughts about the three main issues. My next task would be to share with readers what I have learned about my thesis through my examination of the three main ideas I selected from the Death of Innocents. Justice has two major components – accountability for the harm that one causes and fairness. My examination of the issues in the Picking Cotton leads me to the conclusion that the criminal justice system is seriously flawed and falls far short on the issue of fairness. I do not believe that it can be reformed. As Justice Stevens recently wrote about the death penalty, it is too shot through with racism and politics and tinged with hysteria....
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