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picking cotton reaction paper - Nicholas Gomez Dr Michael...

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Nicholas Gomez Dr. Michael Blankenship CJ 101-002 21 March 2011 Picking Cotton Reaction Paper Is the criminal justice system in the U.S. racist? The answer to this conflicting topic can differ from person. I honestly didn’t give it much thought till we started this class. This class has cause me to go over discussions regarding certain types of victimization and criminal behavior regarding race, has provided me with statistics about racism in the justice system and allowed me to really think about it all and form my own opinion on the subject. This information definitely made me think more about the subject of racism in the justice system but what really opened my eyes to it all was the personal story of Ronald Cotton in our reading of the book Picking Cotton . This was not just some random made up story, it was real life and while reading it I got a complete insight into his life during his stay in jail and out. When hearing Ronald Cotton’s story of wrongful convictions and the complete lack of evidence leading to his convictions, I found it quite easy to pick a side. A good part of our justice system here in America is indeed racist. The issues I will address throughout my paper all connect to this main idea of a racist justice system; racism itself in class as well as the book, a lack of evidence in convictions and the need for DNA testing when making convictions. How did each of these play a big role in Picking Cotton?
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picking cotton reaction paper - Nicholas Gomez Dr Michael...

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