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103 study guide exam 1fall 2010 Definition of law due process Culture letters de Cachet Beliefs Bill of Rights Values Packer Norms crime control Symbols due process model Technology Roman law Language twelve tables Norms common law Mores stare decisis Folkways precedent Positive law ratio decidendi Legal positivism obiter dicta Natural law statutes Hammurabi administrative regulations habeas corpus Plato Bills of attainder Aristotle ex post facto Hobbes Amendments 1-14 Locke grand jury Weber
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Unformatted text preview: double jeopardy Durkheim suspect classifications Marx Sir Edmund Coke Four fold typology Types of social solidarity Two opposing perspectives Sociological prospective Justice Distributive justice Retributive justice Procedure retributive justice Procedural retributive justice Substantive procedural justice Substantive law Sentencing guidelines Legal realism Source of justice Equity and English Courts &American Courts Progression of due process...
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