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exercise 9 sheet

exercise 9 sheet - (pp 212-213 3 Typed Speech Your speech...

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Exercise #9 Persuasive speech packet Completed packet is due  one class period before  you speak.  Exercise #9 must be completed to receive credit on your speech. 10 points  ______________________________________________________________ The complete packet includes (in the following order): 1. Persuasive Speech Evaluation sheet 2. Typed Cover Page General Speaking Purpose   (p. 180) Specific Purpose statement (pp. 181-182) Thesis statement (pp. 192-193; the material in your speech body “proves” your thesis to be true) Type of Persuasive Speech   (pp. 196-197) Pattern of Organization
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Unformatted text preview: (pp. 212-213) 3. Typed Speech Your speech introduction, body, and conclusion, written word-for-word in sentences or with proper outlining symbols. ( Roman numerals, CAP letters, numbers, lowercase letters, etc.) 4. Typed Reference List (in APA format) 5. Key word outline Reference requirements: Two Print sources. You will not get full credit for websites. You CANNOT use your typed speech to deliver your materials. You will need to create a Keyword Outline for your presentation....
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