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group presentation intro

group presentation intro - and usually tend not to really...

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Nick Gomez Communications 101-023 5/1/11 Group Presentation Introduction: Conflict Book’s definition of conflict according to Chapter 7=the perception of incompatible goals; basically means “if I reach my goal in this situation, you can’t reach yours, my success interferes with yours” It is an expressed struggle between interconnected individuals (not complete strangers); individuals that mean something to each other (Ex: child and parent, life partners, best friends, teacher and student) Conflict has the potential to enhance the health and growth of interpersonal relationships; absence of conflict is not healthy for any relationship 3 Types of Conflict Pseudo-conflict: when both parties actually agree but misunderstand each other
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Unformatted text preview: and usually tend not to really listen to what the other has to say • Destructive conflict: basically when a conflict escalates into something more and the goal then becomes to hurt the other person involved (yelling, insulting, violence) • Constructive: the overall goal is to solve the problem at hand rather than hurt the other person like in destructive (seeing the importance and valuing the relationship more than the conflict) Transition Now that we have gone over what conflict is and a few of the different types of conflict that there are, we will now move onto a skit showing 5 steps in reducing conflict....
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