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Nick Gomez Communications 101-023 3/15/11 Informative Speech Hi my name is Nick Gomez and I will be discussing osteoarthritis to you today. Three surgeries, seven scars and numerous amounts of physical therapy and what did I get from all of it? In my surgeon’s words “you have level three osteoarthritis in your shoulder.” According to American Family Physician (2008) I am that one in every three people in America that develops arthritis which is the most widespread disease in America. I’m only 19 years old. I, however, am a pretty rare case and my arthritis was formed from those surgeries and numerous shoulder dislocations. Since I do have osteoarthritis and have done my research on the subject I feel that I am a very credible source. Today I will be discussing this disease in three points; what it is and how it is developed, who is most affected by it, and what treatments are available for those who affected by it. So let us begin with what exactly osteoarthritis is as well as how it is developed. Osteoarthritis is also known as degenerative joint disease. This means that the cartilage surrounding the joints is slowly wearing down over time which causes a lot of pain and stiffness within the affected joints. So basically in other words, that cartilage acts as a cushion between the bones so they move correctly and don’t rub against each other, but when that cushion wears away or is eliminated completely the bones then grind and movement is limited. This wearing down of cartilage can be caused by numerous things, a few in particular are; the age of the
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person, their weight, and even their previous injuries. The amount of wear and tear a body takes
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informative speech - Nick Gomez Communications 101-023...

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