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NAME_______________ INFORMATIVE SPEECH Evaluation A presentation of information that is new or not widely known Introduction (1-1½ min.) Gained Attention 0—1—2—3—4 Stated Link (told audience how topic is relevant to them ) 0—1—2—3—4—5 Stated your Credibility (your research) 0—1—2—3 Stated Specific Purpose & Stated Thesis Statement 0—1—2—3—4—5 Previewed body’s 3 Main Points 0—1—2—3 Body (5-6 min.) Organized (Main points, sub-points, sub-sub-points, etc.) 0—1—2—3—4—5 Substantiated (oral footnotes from credible support materials—at least 2 different sources) 5—6—7—8—9—10—11—12—13—14—15—16—17—18 Used Signposts Transitions (“Now that I’ve talked about . . .” etc.) 0—1—2—3—4—5 Persuaded audience to act or influenced attitudes/beliefs 0—1—2—3—4—5—6
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Unformatted text preview: Conclusion (1-1 min.) Transitioned from body ( To wrap up . . . or To conclude . . .) 0123 Summarized Main Points from body 0123 Provided effective Final Statement (a sentence or twowhat audience should remember about your presentation) 012345 Extemporaneous Delivery Appropriate speed, dynamism, volume, conversational style 012345 Few fillers (uh, um, like, you guys, ok, and, so, now, actually) 012345 Strong eye contact 012345 Effective gestures and stance 012345 Used notes and visual aids effectively 012345 Misc.- Visual Aids relevant, easy-to-read (minimum of 3) 012345- Time (6-8 min.) 012345...
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