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Unformatted text preview: Nick Gomez Reba Bailey English 101-003 27 September 2010 Community Text Analysis The community text in which I am analyzing is actually the community’s website that I had observed which is . Since the community does have its own website I have come to the conclusion that the information provided is intended for the people to see of the general community. The FAQ’s section has a list of a few words of their inside language in which they explain what types of massages and treatments are done. Russell Tillemans: The text is from a healthy fitness website that describes its various treatments that they offer. I understand what they are saying when they talk about Relaxation and sports massage. Relax is pretty universal in what it mean, everyone usually has it mean the real meaning. I have had a sports massage before, so I know what it is and what it feels like. For the other things listed, I am unfamiliar with what they are, but right below them as they are listed is a...
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