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Unformatted text preview: Nick Gomez English 101-003 September 1, 2010 Exploration 2 As a writer right now I think of myself as a pretty decent writer. I have my times where I excel for sure but I also have my times where I dont necessarily struggle but slow down a bit. I write best when the writing means something to me or when I really take an interest in the topic, so in other words if I'm not too familiar with the topic I dont do the greatest. I know that all I can do is really expand and improve my writing and that's what I want to do. I tend to procrastinate too much instead of doing what the book said, write now. I put writing aside for many other less important things but I believe I should make my writing a priority rather than an assignment that is due on a certain day. Once I get more serious about my writing I believe that I will excel and i look forward to it. With all of the readings and assignments so far in this class I have taken a sudden interest in and although I have procrastinated a bit I got the work done and didnt feel as...
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