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final portfolio reflective essay cover letter

final portfolio reflective essay cover letter - Nicholas...

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Nicholas Gomez Reba Bailey English 101-003 9 December 2010 Final Portfolio: Reflective Essay/Cover Letter The revision process for my unit 1 essay was based my purely on one thing; emotion. I completely changed my original essay into a dedication to my sister. It was December 7, 2010; her birthday, or at least what would have been her birthday if she was still here with us. I knew that I had to do it for her as well as for myself to help get me through the day. It was not necessarily a revision process but rather a therapeutic process for me. I based my process on the hard but oh so clear flashbulb memory that I have of the tragedy. I tried to incorporate almost everything that I remembered into my essay. I started off with a short sub story to introduce my topic and after that I began the body of my essay. I did not have a specific goal or audience I wanted to direct my writing to at first, but without realizing it I found my goal towards the end of the essay. I wrote and wrote, for her and only her but began to realize it was for my sake as well. She is my one true inspiration for writing now a days but she is so much more than that; she my inspiration in life itself; she’s my hero. Just as my introduction story stated, I have the opportunity to numerous amounts of things in tribute to her, but not to remember her. I can and forever will, remember her on my own. This essay talked about everything that I went through with her situation those few days and how hard it all was for me, but it especially showed the great woman that she really was and how much she meant to me, my family and all of her loved ones. My point is that the days are hard without her here with us but we must take everything in stride, learn, move on and live and love like she
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would have wanted us to. She watches over all of us and pushes me to be better every day.
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final portfolio reflective essay cover letter - Nicholas...

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