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ten min community observation

ten min community observation - pool I found that there...

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Nicholas Gomez Reba Bailey English 101-003 20 September 2010 Ten Minute Community Observation For my ten minute observation of a community I am unfamiliar with, I observed lifeguards at the city park pool when I went back to my hometown this past weekend. The group as a whole was spread out among the outsides of the pool on the different watch towers and also one on the top of the slide area. Each were in their red and white lifeguard bathing suits and for the most part kept watch over the pool, keeping order and making sure none of the rules were broken. They did do a rescue simulation which I noticed they called “drills”. Also a few of the other words I had caught onto were during the rescue simulation and they were words/phrases such as “spinals” which was the backboard/stretcher and also “assist” to a certain area of the
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Unformatted text preview: pool. I found that there wasn’t any writing involved while I watched but I asked one of the lifeguards about what types of writing is used in their job and they told me is incident report which is usually when they’re drowning and also an accident report where someone usually gets hurt such as falling down and scraping their knee or something of that nature. During my observation everything seemed self explanatory to me, for their only language was really just during their drills so I understood it all for the most part and didn’t have any problems since every time I heard a new word or phrase it was explained right after it was exposed....
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