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Nick Gomez August 27, 2010 English 101-003 The Novice as Expert: Writing the Freshman Year Quotes: “Write a great deal . . . and experiment with different kinds of writing—because experimentation forces one to develop new forms of perception and thought, a new and more complex sensibility.” “Writing is, after all, hard work, especially when students are urged to “experiment”: to question, evaluate, and interpret ideas they are trying to comprehend for the first time.” “Without writing you don’t really belong to a course and don’t make it your own.” “This is the disciplinary field, and you are part of it. What does it look like from your point on the map?” “Being a novice allows students to be changed by what they learn, to have new ideas, and to understand that “what the teacher wants” is an essay that reflects these ideas.” “Second, we also observed that freshmen build authority not by writing from a position of expertise but by writing
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Unformatted text preview: into expertise.” “See that there is a greater purpose in writing than completing an assignment. Try to get something and give something when you write.” “When you write you can really embrace different ideas and be more open-minded. If you only have true/false or multiple choice exams then everything is black and white. Writing papers lets you think and shows you how you are thinking.” “And only through a sustained interest can students develop a “questioning mindset” or acquire the breadth of knowledge necessary to learn the disciplinary approaches that enable them to move from being novices to being experts.” “In the big picture of writing development… those who end the strongest are often the slowest and most encumbered at the start.” “To be asked to write in college is to be asked to see farther, wider, and deeper, and ultimately to develop one’s own lenses through which to see the world.”...
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