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unit 2 cover letter - an understanding as I read. I then...

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Nicholas Gomez Reba Bailey English 101-003 4 October 2010 Unit 2 Cover Letter The purpose of this essay is to become familiar with a community of your choice and look deeper into the community whether it is the community itself or it is the insider language spoken within the community. We spent about an hour or even more observing the community and recording our observations, also eventually doing more research on what we didn’t see or understand. First I chose my community which was the massage therapy community. I arrived at Total Health Massage and Fitness first taking a tour in which I observed the community as a whole, picking it apart piece by piece. Second I focused on the language of the community in which I found to be spoken behind closed doors. After my observations of the community I went home and began research where I then found the community’s website and began to gain more of
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Unformatted text preview: an understanding as I read. I then had enough information to begin putting my observations and opinions of the community on the paper. I feel that I met the expectations of the assignment quite well. My peer reviewers commented on my rough draft telling me that my introduction and observations to the community were good but that I needed to fit in more about the communitys language and my analysis of that language, just as well as the comparison to the reading and research in which in my revised draft I believe I did all of the above. I feel that the unit was all pretty clear, my only problem was finding a community that I could really work with, learn from and relate to at the same time which I feel I eventually did....
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