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Nick Gomez Reba Bailey English 101-003 8 December 2010 Final Portfolio: Unit 2 Revision As I walked into the business that I struggled so much to find, I was suddenly hit by a much needed wave of calmness and relaxation. The lighting throughout the building was dimmed, aside from the front desk, which I assumed needed the light for all the work that would occur there. As I looked around, everyone seemed so quite, almost too quiet and I had no idea why. I looked all around to get some type of hint of why it might be like this but couldn’t find anything. Finally, the only place that I didn’t look was up above the front desk, at the sign that so clearly said “Sshh quite section.” After I came to this realization, I was greeted by the receptionist and told her who I was meeting with and what I would be doing there, and very politely she asked me to have a seat while I waited. So I did, and while I waited, I continued my observations of this new environment that I found myself in. Total Health Massage and Fitness was the name, and to be honest I expected something much different from a massage therapy business. The community as a whole, just from a first impression was quite relaxing. There were assortments of a variety of different plants all throughout the waiting room, as well as many pictures upon the walls. I found that the majority of the pictures were of beautiful scenery and landscapes captured in the state of Idaho. Just as well, there were pieces of wooden works that formed words such as relax, happiness, and tranquility. It didn’t take long for me to notice the fragrance of the po pourii on the table, which seemed to give the already relaxing room, a very soothing scent. I began to notice that at first glance the word “ relax” was what this place was all
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about. From the plants to the pictures, to the lighting and the silence of the room, all seemed to make this place somewhere perfect to take a break and loosen up after a long day. I found that this was the overall intent of the business; a business that was not just trying to welcome in the “spa type” clients, which I thought its intent was, but provide a community for a wide variety of people. In the waiting room, the different types of people clearly showed this variety. An elderly man with a medical condition, a biker couple consumed by leather, a high school volleyball player straight from practice and her mother who was in need of a good massage after a long day
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unit 2 essay - Nick Gomez Reba Bailey English 101-003 8...

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