unit 2 exploration 1

unit 2 exploration 1 - Nicholas Gomez English 101-003...

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Unformatted text preview: Nicholas Gomez English 101-003 September 17, 2010 Unit 2: Exploration 1 Date: 9/16/10 Time: 10:30 Place: Total Health Massage and Fitness For my community observation I took my observations to the Total Health Massage and Fitness. So in other words I observed the massage therapy community. Before I explain everything I would first like to mention that this community is not a spa although there are some similarities I found that it is quite different in many ways. Stepping inside it seems as if a sense of relaxation just magically comes over you. I was greeted instantly by the woman at the front desk and she was very welcoming and nice, asking me as how I was doing and if I could be helped at all. The first thing that came across my eye is the sign that sits just above the front desk that mentions that this is the quiet section, but I found throughout the whole community it is very quiet. The quietness however can be quite soothing just as well as lighting throughout the building, which is lit just enough to say that there is indeed light but it is quite dim. The waiting room consists of a couple couches that are very comfortable. There are pictures of beautiful scenery and landscapes on each wall, and along with these pictures are words such as relax, happiness, and a bunch of words similar to that that are supposed to get you in a good mood and relax you. In between the couches sits a table with magazines and po pourii in which I instantly smelt once I sat down. In each of the corners was about two or three plants to add to the overall feeling of the room. As I sat down I began to notice that this community welcomes a wide variety of people to its business. There was an elderly man who looked quite wealthy that began to talk to me about him getting permits to tow his boat to Catalina and explained all of the other places that he would be going this month. Along with this was a couple wrapped up in leather places that he would be going this month....
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unit 2 exploration 1 - Nicholas Gomez English 101-003...

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