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Nick Gomez Reba Bailey English 101-003 5 November 2010 Unit 3 Cover Letter The purpose of my essay is to show the emphasis of higher education in Ben’s life while also gaining experience in ethnographic research. I felt that I could show the purpose of higher education in Ben’s life by comparing different aspects of his life and showing how he balances and prioritizes each of them, while also connecting each aspect back to the idea of higher education. The changes I made in the peer review were definitely in the many. There were many grammatical errors, run on sentences, misspellings and a lot of the time the essay just didn’t make sense, not to mention my lack of research mentioned in the essay. To correct most of this I looked at my notes during the reading of my essay in the peer review and I inserted punctuation,
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Unformatted text preview: better words/phrases and fixed my sentences by condensing them or making them into multiple sentences. Once I did this I had a buddy of mine in my dorm read my essay to me, just as in the peer review. It seemed much smoother than before and I actually liked it this time around. Since my rough draft was indeed a rough draft I made sure in this essay that all of the research I had looked at was incorporated into my writing. I feel as if I am meeting the expectations and requirements of this essay quite well and have connected back to the idea of higher education throughout my essay. I feel that the unit was fair and it was definitely something new to me that I had never tried with my writing before, and I also feel that it challenged me a bit, which turned out to be a good thing....
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