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Nicholas Gomez Reba Bailey English 101-003 5 November 2010 Unit 3 Essay Ben Barrows. Who is he? Well through our classroom relationship as well as through numerous interviews, I began to get to see who he really is, which only opened me up to various, new ideas through his eyes. Ben is a part time worker and full time student who competes nationally in the sport of martial arts and who is also in the process of becoming financially independent from his parents. Ben is a sophomore here at Boise State and as seen above, has quite a bit on his plate. These different aspects of his life each require a good amount of time and dedication, which has forced him to maintain good time management and prioritizing skills. In a way, I really feel as if Ben’s situation with prioritizing as well as time management is something that every student can relate to, maybe not to the same extent or maybe even to a bigger extent but regardless, we are all at one time or another, trying to balance the different aspects of our lives. What I wish to do with this project is to connect each of the different aspects of Ben’s life (home, work, and martial arts) to one another and especially connecting them to his higher education here at BSU. Not only do I plan this but I also wish to compare and contrast each aspect with my outside research as well as my own personal experiences with time management and prioritization. As shown in Erica Smith’s research on students in the work force, “Part-time jobs undertaken while in full-time education provide opportunities for learning about work” (Smith). So in other words, Erica is trying to say that any job will give you the opportunity to gain work
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experience, which in my opinion may help you in the long run. Not only did I put my own insight into this, but as I asked Ben why he’s taking a part time job along with his schooling, and his answer was simple; “I really just want to make a bit of my own money, gain more experience for my resume and of course to pay the monthly rent” (Ben Barrows). It has been shown in Australia that the three ways that students are obtaining jobs is for “work experience, through paid part-time work and through VET in schools…which generally include structured work placements” (Smith and Green 2001). Of course I have gone over the whole work experience and
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unit 3 essay - Nicholas Gomez Reba Bailey English 101-003 5...

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