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Unformatted text preview: Nicholas Gomez Reba Bailey English 101-003 17 November 2010 Unit 4 Cover Letter The purpose of my project is to re-genre my Unit 3 essay which was based on time management of Ben Barrows, as well as time management and the emphasis of higher education for all students. My re-genre definitely connects to my Unit 3 essay but with a different twist on things. I decided to turn my essay into a website whose audience is specifically directed towards college students but maybe especially towards BSU students. This website is also similar to my essay in a sense that it covers time management but differs from it because it also discusses stress relief techniques. My essay was mainly based off of research studies/ publications and a little bit of it was based on interviews I did with Ben. This site is just like those interviews; from the students for the students. I went about this entire process by starting with that idea of from the students for the students and then putting it down on paper to an outline of what and where...
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