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Nick Gomez Reba Bailey English 101-003 8 September 2010 Unit One Essay In uniform I was on top of the world it seemed like. Nobody could knock me down and I definitely wasn’t going to let anyone show me up. I talked the talk and at least in my opinion walked the walk too from time to time as well. In other words, I thought I was “the man”. Was I wrong or what? Fortunately that cocky sophomore that I once was who was pulled up to the varsity for football, was put in his place. I could blame no one but myself for what I thought at the time was “damage done”. Three shoulder surgeries later and it was goodbye Mr. Hot Shot and hello reality. I recall feeling so sorry for myself and saying that the whole ordeal was my worst nightmare but I then came to realize that it was the complete opposite of that. It was indeed a blessing for me. It had taken so much away from me but gave me so much more and provided me with a new outlook on life, changing me as a person and even a writer for the better. This incident provided me with a slight sense of emotion and opinion in my writing. My writing was nowhere near where it is right now but I all of sudden had a sense of direction and was no longer lost in essays or stuck for hours upon hours with writer’s block. I had begun a new journey as a new and improved Nick both as a writer and as a person. This especially showed through my first essay junior year in which we were asked to write a personal statement essay on an event that changed your life, in which of course I wrote about my shoulder and the lessons I had learned with it. This was not my best essay for there were many things wrong with it but it showed the most emotion that I ever had shown in any essay up to that point. It allowed me to
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write and write which had never happened before, however it was still an assignment for me which is why I believe that it was not my best essay. With this enlightenment that I had experienced through my shoulder surgeries and my personal statement essay my junior year, I seemed to find the path to improving myself as a writer, however the Siddhartha journals senior year began to really pave the road for me as a
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unit one essay - Nick Gomez Reba Bailey English 101-003 8...

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