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For my operational definition I will be observing a head football coach’s attitude and how it affects the performance of his/her team. The measurements for this experiment will be done through a series of questionnaires provided to the team (players as well as coaches), also with a scale scaling from 1-5, 1 being the least helpful effect and 5 being the most helpful effect. Each of my observations will be done at practice where the most coaching takes place. My first observation is on the coach’s attitude towards conditioning his team for games (dedicated, laid back or somewhere in between). My second observation will be directed toward the coach’s attitude to watch film and prepare his team mentally for their opponents. I will then focus on how the coach’s attitude changes in crucial game-like
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Unformatted text preview: situations, whether it is more aggressive, more calm and collected, or more nervous and flustered when it comes to his confidence. I also plan on focusing on the locker room atmosphere surrounding the coach and how his attitude is in dealing with it (strict/hard, oblivious, pushover, or somewhere in between). My last observation is based on the attitude the coach has towards delegating players to the other coaches such as whether he plays favorites or not. In conclusion of all of this I will then compare all of the data from each of the questionnaires and will come up with my result on how a head football coach’s attitude affects the performance of his or her team....
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