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Psychology Syllabus - General Psychology (Psyc 101)...

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General Psychology (Psyc 101) Education Team Professor: Dr. Kimberly Henderson, Ph.D (call me Dr. Henderson or Professor Henderson) Office: 625 Education bldg. Office Hours: TENTATIVE: Mon. 10-11am, 1:40-2:30pm Wed. 10-11am e-mail: phone: I do not have a campus based phone Peer Resources: Ernesto (Lead PR) Thad Michelle Kathleen Ranee Megan Required "Materials" Text: Dr. King's Psychology an Appreciative View, published by McGraw-Hill 1st edition (2008). You NEED this text. There is a very helpful link to this text, which provides practice quizzes and additional study resources: Student Text Site . When you open this site - you need to select a chapter from the drop down menu on the left. This will provide you access to practice quizzes and additional study aids. Online/Internet: The Requirements for this course will be completed online using our Blackboard System. You must become competent in using Blackboard in order to be successful in this course. Course Orientation Course description: The focus for this course is to expand and refine your understanding of psychological principles. Specifically, this course will broaden your knowledge of psychological theory as a whole, in the areas of human development, social psychology, clinical psychology, intrapersonal psychology. ~ Learning Objective of this course: My primary goal here is to have you walk away from this class knowing more about yourself and be better equipped to make more positive decisions in your life, using the science of psychology. Here are the specific learning objectives:
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Students will be able to recall fundamental terms and concepts, in addition to, being able to recognize and describe different theoretical perspectives. (Fundamental Knowledge) Students will be able to evaluate the behaviors of themselves and others utilizing psychological concepts. (Analysis) Students will analyze/synthesize research in the context of an individual experience OR in development of understanding a personal experience (Integration) Students will develop a better understanding of which commonly held assumptions about psychology are supported by research (Learning to Learn) Students will actively reflect on the integration between their personal life experiences and course material, towards a better understanding of personal life events. (Learning to Learn)
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Psychology Syllabus - General Psychology (Psyc 101)...

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