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Nick Gomez CJ 102-001 Community Policing: Network or Nightmare 1. What is the community policing philosophy? What is it supposed to do for police and community relations? The community policing philosophy is based on helping all aspects of the community while also fighting crime as well. This philosophy is suppose to bridge the gap between the community and the police in a way that brings them closer so the community can depend on the police in a time of need rather than being afraid to contact them or even try to take things into their own hands, which could lead to a much more serious problem. It lets them know that the police are there to help and that they are dependable and trustworthy. If the community can’t put their trust in the police then more and more problems will surface. 2. Should the police be involved in nonpolice activities? How much time do officers usually spend on nonpolice work? Should they be fighting crime rather than being social workers? I believe that the police should be involved in
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