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Nick Gomez CJ 102-001 Reduction in Force 1. Does the chief have any options other than laying off five officers? If so, what are they? I believe that she does. Just as the case stated, she could try to have everyone cut back their hours but the odds that everyone will just simply agree to that are pretty slim because cutting back hours means less money to support themselves and their families. So it could work but I don’t feel that it is very likely to work. Another thing is that she could discuss this crisis with the officers that are eligible for retirement and see what they want to do about the situation. If they decide that it is their time to go and take their retirement that could be the opportunity to fire less officers or maybe even none at all. These two options are both pretty iffy but if everyone works together it will turn out alright. 2. What arguments could the chief make to the city that the police department should be exempt from the citywide reduction of employees?
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Unformatted text preview: She could make the argument that her department is one of the most successful departments in the state and that taking away good officers could change that instantly. It’s almost as if they were to take away a puzzle piece from a completed puzzle; it’s just not the same and will never be completed. 3. If the chief had to lay off five officers, what criteria should be followed and why? How should she determine who is to be laid off and who is not in a fair manner? I think the criteria to be followed should be to call them in one at a time and have a meeting with each of them, discussing why and what their options are once they leave the department. This is a painful/helpful process for both the officer and the chief but it is a must and needs to be done to follow the city’s demands. I think that to lay off the officers in a fair manner she should do it based on their evaluations in the department rather than picking any five she wants....
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