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Nick Gomez CJ 102-001 A Question of Loyalties 1. Should involvement in peaceful demonstrations affect federal employment opportunities? Why or why not? I feel that it shouldn’t but cases like these prove otherwise. Someone as qualified and dedicated as this young man should not be turned away because of a little protest. He is expressing his freedom of speech and last time I checked, that was not against the law. I believe that since it isn’t against the law, federal agencies should not discriminate against it, especially when the young man was not even considered due to this very expression. We’re all entitled to our own beliefs but discrimination due to those beliefs is almost Un-American, however, unfortunately it happens more often than not. 2. Does the young man have any avenue to appeal the negative decision regarding his employment? I believe that he does. Just as I stated above, he was expressing his right to freedom of speech and if that was the FBI’s only reason to deny his employment, I feel that this decision can be overturned because denying
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