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Nick Gomez CJ 102-001 Different Choices, Equal Protection? 1. What are the domestic violence laws in your state? How do homosexual relationships fit into the laws of your state? According to the state of California, domestic violence can be considered between any of the following; spouse or former spouse, someone you are dating, someone you formerly dated, roommate or former roommate, parent of your child, family including parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and first cousins. I think that homosexual relationships fit into the laws of my state well. The laws do not specify between a man and a woman, so couples of the same sex should get the same treatment
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Unformatted text preview: regardless of the officers opinion on homosexuality. 2. Should homosexual relationships be covered under domestic violence and spousal abuse laws? Why or why not? I believe they should. They are in a relationship just like anyone else and there can be problems at times and if these problems escalate they too deserve the same protection as anyone else. 3. What should you do in this case? Use your own state laws to justify your actions. I think that the officers should have sided with the most vulnerable of the two and if need be, take in the one that is causing a threat to not only them but their partner as well....
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