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Nick Gomez CJ 102-001 Leave Nothing Behind 1. Should the deputy make an arrest or try to talk with Sam? I think that the deputy shouldn’t arrest him but should try to talk to him and make sure that everything is under control and that Sam won’t do anything that he will regret. 2. If an arrest were attempted, could this escalate into a more serious situation? If an arrest is made, I believe that the situation will definitely escalate into something much more serious especially with alcohol involved and the condition of Sam due to his recent eviction notice. Talking allows him to think everything through while an arrest makes him feel as if he is the enemy and is in the wrong which could cause him to take a much higher level of offense to the situation.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Are there other agencies that could help in such situations, rather than the officer simply making an arrest? There are definitely other organizations besides an officer making an arrest, however in Sam’s situation I feel this officer (who is his friend and neighbor) comes over to talk to him it will be best to control the situation and talk it out easier. Any other organization to come over before the officer might make Sam feel like he has a serious problem and that it is his fault. This officer is his friend though so he can provide the help and comfort that no other organization can do....
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