CJ104_syllabus (Fall 2011)

CJ104_syllabus (Fall 2011) - Boise State University...

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Boise State University Department of Criminal Justice Introduction to Corrections (CJ 104) Fall 2011 Instructor : Ginny Hatch Email (preferred method for contact): ginnyhatch@boisestate.edu *Please allow 24 hours for email responses during weekdays (I do not always access email on weekends) Phone (call only during office hours): (208) 426-4832 Office Hours (L165): Tuesday and Thursday 10:30-12:00; 1:00-3:00 Required Text : Clear, T., Cole, G., Reisig, M. & Petrosino, C. (2012). American corrections in brief . Wadsworth: Belmont, CA. Class Description : This course is designed to introduce you to the history, theory, and practice of corrections in the United States. Although this course is primarily lecture format, films will be shown and topical discussions will be encouraged. Course Goals and Objectives : (1) Enhance the knowledge and understanding of corrections history, policy, and practice. (2) Increase analytical thinking skills so that students consider more than just the obvious and sometimes erroneous explanation(s) for phenomena. (3) Improve writing skills Student Responsibilities Class Participation/Attendance : Class participation/Attendance will be worth ten (10) points. These points will be based on comments or responses that you make in class which demonstrate your knowledge of class materials or other relevant sources. In order to participate substantively, you must be prepared (through reading, writing and thoughtful consideration of issues). If you do not participate in class discussions you will receive few, if any, of these points. Article Summary/Analysis : You will be required to complete an article summary worth sixty (60) points. I will provide the article that you will be summarizing and a handout that details how to write an article summary/analysis. The purpose of this assignment to
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CJ104_syllabus (Fall 2011) - Boise State University...

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