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CJ 104 Editing List 1=awkward sentence or portion of sentence 2=one sentence paragraph 3=incomplete sentence 4=inanimate object with human capabilities 5=need to use subhead(s)/headings 6=new paragraph needed 7=spelling 8=introduction is incomplete or missing 9=conclusion is incomplete or missing 10=need a transition between sentences 11=need a transition between paragraphs 12=logical flow between sentences or paragraphs is problematic 13=failure to refer to the author 14=incorrect reference format 15=no reference section 16=missing punctuation, incorrect punctuation or punctuation is in the wrong place 17=redundant phrase, sentence, paragraph 18=spacing issue (too much/too little) 19=avoid use of the same word or word root in the same sentence or in close proximity 20=run-on sentence 21=unclear sentence or portion of sentence 22=left word or words out of the sentence (the “write as we speak” problem) 23=writer intended to use another word 24=periods and commas should be inside of quotation marks
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