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MoyS11Wk8h1 1. Give the various functions of an operating system. What is a cross-platform application? (7 points) Functions of operating systems include starting a computer, providing a user interface, managing programs, managing memory, schedule jobs and configure devices, establish an internet connection, monitor performance, provide file management and other utilities, control a network, and administer security. A cross-platform is a program that can run identically on multiple operating systems. 2. What is a utility program? What are the functions of a file manager? (7 points) A utility is system software that permits users to perform maintenance tasks. The functions of a file manager is copying, renaming, deleting and moving files as well as creating shortcuts. 3. What are the advantages of Windows Vista over Windows XP? Explain the features of Mac OS X.(7 points) Windows Vista improves on reliability and performance, security, information management,
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Unformatted text preview: appearance and navigation, and communications and the internet. Some features of Mac OS X are: new technology to search the entire computer, a built-in AOL compatible instant messenger, 3-D personal video and audio conferencing, a filter to eliminate junk emails, and the ability to connect to a windows network and share documents on that network with windows machines. 4. What is malware? How are viruses, worms and Trojan horses different from each other? (7 points) Malware is malicious software, which intentionally changes the computer without users knowledge. Worms copy themselves over and over which slows the machine down. Trojan horses look like legitimate programs, for example a screen saver. When activated under certain conditions, they take effect either destroying files or communicating over the internet....
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